Sir Malcolm Rifkind

The senior MP who oversees the work of the British intelligence agencies has viperously defended his suitability for the
It's a matter of supreme irony that The Daily Mail choose the same week in which they condemned the Royal Charter on Press Regulation as censorship, to invoke the language of McCarthy against a fellow newspaper.
The Guardian played into the hands of terrorists by publishing stories based on information obtained by US whistleblower
Barack Obama has sought to justify the controversial Prism spying programme insisting it was necessary, targeted and had
Any requests by GCHQ for access to British citizens' emails through a controversial US internet monitoring programme would
David Cameron is being warned that telecoms equipment made by Chinese firms should be independently tested by the security
Following the awful murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last week, the political securocrats who claim to represent the interests of the British intelligence services have swung into action, demanding yet further surveillance powers for MI5 and MI6 "in order to prevent future Woolwich-style attacks".