Well this was pretty inevitable wasn’t it. Apple has revealed its very first smart speaker at WWDC 2017 and it is called
Apple has unveiled iOS 11 at WWDC 2017. While visually it’s very similar to iOS 10, this new version of Apple’s mobile operating
Four-year-old twins have been credited with saving their mother’s life by using Siri to call 999 after she collapsed and
This is no way means an end to all customer interaction. That is here to stay. This means the creation of a better approach, which moves customer interaction away from the flawed model of today towards a more useful set of interaction for both the client and the company. To achieve this would require two solutions.
Have a think about the last time you looked at your phone? How many times have you used it in the last hour, or day? Nottingham Trent University found we look at our phones about 85 times a day. What did you last use your phone for? To make a call? Probably not.
For the purpose of getting indecorous and sticky, and living happily ever after, two people used to be selected for each
A "good proportion" of users' interactions with bots are sexually explicit, one developer said.
A VA developer has revealed that virtual assistants (VA) such as Siri are increasingly being used by men to fill a lonely
It's a common enough complaint about smartphones. For all the wonderful things they can do, for all the ways they make our lives easier -- all too often they can't understand a word we're saying.