The internet has gone into meltdown after discovering Siri's sassy (and actually quite rude) side. When you ask the ever
Apple's Siri, Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana appear to have some competition. SoundHound, known for providing music identification
Apple has issued a temporary fix for the bug that saw a set of characters crash their Messages app, as it emerges they can
Apple's new iOS beta has revealed that the company will bring a significantly more diverse range of emojis to the keyboard
The story that a man accused off murder in Florida asked Siri for advice about how to hide his dead roommate has gonearoundthe
UPDATE: This story is more complicated than it first appeared. Read our update here. A man who is suspected of killing a
Want to make passers-by look at you in a very strange way? Or even gross them out completely? Why, simply follow the example
With news of Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant breaking, it looks like Siri is also about to get a serious makeover. Apple recently filed a patent that will make it more like personal assistant that tracks you around the house. An iButler, if you will.
The now Oscar-winning Spike Jonze movie 'Her' explores how our relationship with technology may change as it becomes more sophisticated
"I used Siri to make the Pancake Day shopping list," tweets writer Andrea Gillies. And what was on that shopping list? "Eggs