sisters uncut

Activists are occupying the abandoned Holloway Prison to stop it being turned into luxury flats and in protest at Tory cuts
Hundreds of feminist activists have caused chaos by blocking bridges across the UK in protests against the lack of funding
Sisters Uncut are saying enough is enough. We demand a secure, long term plan to support all domestic violence survivors, regardless of immigration status, with specialist services for black and brown, disabled and LGBT+ survivors.
Suffragette purple billows into the air as Sisters Uncut activists unleash a mass of smoke flares from the balcony of Hackney
The fountains of Trafalgar Square were turned red by a huge protest against cuts to women's services in London on Saturday
We demand long term, sustainable funding for vital domestic violence services. We demand an end to austerity. We will remember the services lost and we will remember the women who haven't survived and the women who are surviving despite the government's brutal austerity measures. Together we remember - together we will win.
Photo: Chris Bethell | @CBethell_photo "This is what a border feels like!" was the chant echoing through the halls of the