Sistine Chapel

Whilst Michelangelo's frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are divinely exceptional, it was also the manner in which I basked under their glory which magnified the spiritual response within me.
It's not just the myriad paintings, both large and detailed, along with the carefully selected sketches, writings and mathematical drafts from Michelangelo, it's also the loving and studious descriptions of each period of Michelangelo's working life, written by Thomas Pöpper, Christof Thoenes and Frank Zöllner. Their love for the artistic giant rings out loud and clear. Taschen have once more produced a treasure of art historical appreciation.
A poster which replaced the image of God from the Sistine Chapel with a picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been
Mothers should be free to breastfeed in public, even in the Sistine Chapel, even in front of the Pope, the Pontiff has told
The more pupils there are who get certificates, the greater the responsibility for those who don't. Those are the words of
The answer is a twisted sense of modern day vanity. People love owning rare or famous art, but more than that they love other people knowing that they own it.
As I have traveled the world and taken in the sights of so many magnificent lands, I have observed how important the love of creation is to each culture... Life and art cannot be kept apart from one another.
Black smoke has belched from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, signifying no new pope has been chosen on the first day of
The cardinals are soon to be locked inside the Sistine Chapel and told to pick the right man to lead the Roman Catholic Church
Cardinals are meeting in the Vatican City to choose the next Roman Catholic pope. There is no obvious front-runner, but whoever