When you think of the Middle East, you may not associate it with action sports. Certainly not with skateboarding. California
Watch with caution, this might give you vertigo. Downhill skaters Byron Essert and Alex Tongue star in this video by Surf
At some point over recent years it has become tradition among the kids who hang out there to chuck worn-out and broken boards and destroyed trainers onto the bridge support closest to the Festival Hall - creating an incredibly poignant memorial to TimothyBaxter... Which makes Westminster City Council's clean-up crew abseiling down to remove the lot both sad and a bit of a massive cock-up.
The skateboarding scene in the Arab world is spreading far and wide. Now, dedicated skaters are close to building Jordan's first crowdfunded skatepark for refugees and local communities.
This is the eye-watering moment a TV reporter was hit on the head by a rogue skateboard. Mike Amor, US bureau chief for Australia’s
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What do you get when you combine a jetpack, a jetski and a skateboard? You get awesome. The FlyBoard is an invention of Zapata
Back at the 1999 X Games, the world's most famous skateboarder, Tony Hawk, pulled off the first 900 degree spin on a half
It's been a pretty incredible Winter X Games so far. We've seen a snowmobile front flip, a 120ft fall and now this, Shaun