skills development

'Students must learn science in a way that allows them to build their repertoire of transferable skills.'
'The school system doesn't pursue tapping into individuals' natural abilities,' says Nicky Verd, and education should equip us to earn a living 'in the real world'.
Government and NGO programmes alone cannot create the paradigm shift that is needed to combat South Africa’s devastating inequality.
It's win-win. By empowering employees to become leaders, businesses are helping to challenge and dismantle the status quo.
We need to expose the youth to programmes that involve working and learning at the same time.
"These developments are refreshing, but there are still a number of challenges that hinder agricultural production in the province."
How to maximise your career prospects, now that times have changed and old notions of job security need an overhaul.
The African continent is home to a large number of young people – and it simply doesn’t have jobs for them all.
It's no lie that people are living longer. There are now five generations in the workforce - and this is going to become the norm. It'd be foolish to think that this won't change the way we hire and train our staff, so it's vital that businesses adapt too. That means understanding the need to hire and train staff differently.
Companies in the UK are failing to full use the skills in their workforce, according to a report from the Work Foundation