The Scunthorpe Steel Works have provided jobs and income to families in the town for over 150 years. The announcement of 2,200 job losses and the closure of the Redcar plant started speculation in Scunthorpe. The news today that over 900 jobs would be cut confirmed the town's worst fears. The possibility of the closure of the Scunthorpe Steel Works is becoming a reality. As a Scunthorpe resident, I'm worried about the future. What will happen to my town?
Unfortunately, the filmmakers visiting Scunthorpe wasted a wonderful opportunity to shed light onto a world we don't often see on television and examine some of the reasons behind this. Instead they choose to reinforce some highly damaging opinions held about Britain's poor and unemployed people.
I've never been any good with money; I'd like to say my constant penny scrimping ways is the fault of the government; that I'm a product of the recession or even that I never have any money because I selflessly donate it all to Oxfam. But that simply isn't true.