Skunk was in 94% of cannabis tested - almost twice as much as in 2005.
During the second episode of psychosis I believed that I was the chosen one, that the whole of east London was full of clones, I sang on the corner of Valance Road convinced that I had to run naked down Brick Lane.
We have become confused and complacent with the drug policy discussion here in the UK. The media frenzy is, at best, frustrating, and at worst obfuscates with pernicious polarisation.
Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow inhaled skunk - the most potent form of cannabis - on camera for an experimental programme which
The number of children receiving treatment for addiction to cannabis has hit a record high, with one expert warning the age
Oh good, the obligatory news has broken that 'Super Strength Skunk' has invaded the isles and is wreaking havoc on UK shores. For those that work in drug policy, this story is similar to May Day: it comes round annually and leads to all kinds of pageantry - complete with bell ringing and the clashing of batons in a calamitous Morris-style jig.
A 21-year-old woman from Zlin in the Czech Republic, high on super strength cannabis, was photographed climbing a 40ft electricity
A teenager who laced chocolate brownies he made in a home economics lesson with cannabis has been expelled after the prank
Consider this video a cautionary tale: never, ever play with skunks. They may look cute, but they don't want to play. Not