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She wants to pursue new career opportunities.
'With a girl it’s like they look for something to criticise you on, they’re looking for you to make mistakes, they’re looking for you to say something.'
Sky Sports’ Hayley McQueen has spoken out about the sexist criticism she faces, stating she feels female presenters have
Wednesday December 2, around 10am. The mood changed perceptibly in the Sky Sports newsroom. The producer of the upcoming
In years to come, 1 September 2014 might be remembered as the day fans became as mad as hell and weren't going to take it
You have to feel sorry for those Sky Sports News reporters stood outside clubs' training grounds (especially the Stoke one
As I write this blog, we have already exceeded last August's spending spree of £635million, and with the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal being urged by fans to buy some new players before the window closes, I don't see why we can't reach the £1billion mark.
Projection of the beautiful game around the globe extends our sight, and thereby, our knowledge, our understanding and our love of the sport... catering for the needs of the approximated one billion people who viewed the 2014 World Cup final live.
You may not have heard of Chris Lymberopoulos, but the Sky Germany reporter certainly imposed himself on Sky Sports News
Nick Collins, Sky Sports News' England correspondent, has a tendency for asking the banal and the bland at press conferences