Dame Helen Mirren has announced that she would love to face off against Daniel Craig as a Bond villain. The Oscar-winner
Sam Mendes' return to the James Bond canon bodes well for a franchise which has struggled for successive successes since the Sean Connery era. Not commercially, of course, but critically... However excellent Skyfall was it had plenty of flaws, so here are five ways for Mendes to make Bond 24 a better Bond outing.
A man came over to the bench and sighed deeply as he sat down next to us. Dad nudged me."He's wearing my anorak." Sure enough, he was wearing the same anorak as Dad, albeit a slightly less battered version. He nudged the man: "Nice anorak," he said. The man looked up and it was Roy Kinnear.
Rory Kinnear has been offered the role of 'Doctor Who', according to The Telegraph. The paper reports that BBC bosses have
Adele has apparently returned to the recording studio for the first time since becoming a mum. The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer
Adele could be teaming up with Robbie Williams for a song, according to reports. The Oscar-winning 'Skyfall' songstress has
It was gracefully done, of course, but Helen Mirren definitely left nobody in the room unsure of her thoughts about director
Sam Mendes has turned down the chance to make the next Bond film so he can give his "complete focus" to his work in the theatre
Adele could be set to record another James Bond song. The singer has had huge success with the theme tune to Skyfall - including
Adele might have been flying the flag for the Brits over in Hollywood, thanks to an Oscar win for her omnipresent Skyfall theme song, but there wasn't a huge amount to celebrate back at home. With last week's triple A-credit downgrade still casting its murky shadow over the coalition government, it was a case of divide and fail to conquer as the Conservatives and Lib Dems went head-to-head in the Eastleigh by-election. Well, head-to-head was the idea. Ukip rather got in the way of that, with their representative, Diane James, relegating Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings into a rather undignified third place.