The Oscars 2013 could see Sir Sean Connery come out of retirement as part of a James Bond tribute, reports have claimed. Academy
The 2013 BAFTA nominations have been revealed. British films 'Les Miserables' and 'Skyfall' failed to earn the most nods
Adele is rumoured to make her long-awaited comeback at this year's Oscars. The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer has been keeping
What the hell's going on? Is Bond working for Silva? Because if he is, he couldn't have done a worse job of protecting poor M. Who'd've thunk that a private army equipped with state-of-the-art helicopters and weaponry could get the better of one MI6 agent and two pensioners?
James Bond hit 'Skyfall' has become the highest grossing film ever at the UK box office. In just 40 days it has taken £94.28
Date night, for us, the first one in an absolute age. So we decided to go back to the place that holds a special significance for us, Corinthian. It's where we conducted the majority of our brief courtship.
If you'd only read the reviews the gushing reviews of Skyfall, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the character of Bond is no longer a sex-crazed misogynist without a conscience.
'James Bond' screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are quitting the franchise after the record-breaking success of 'Skyfall
'Skyfall' star Daniel Craig has become the best-paid James Bond ever, after signing up for two more films for a fee of over