My first kind of gaming ritual was back in those halcyon days when games still came with printed manuals. You cracked open the box, fumbled the cartridge or floppy disks out, and were greeted with a nice little (or not so little) booklet falling onto your lap.
With under a week until the PS4's UK launch I would like to recount my top three gaming moments on each generation's console. Note, I do not mean my top three games. Rather I would like to look back and recount the specific moments that I hold so dear.
was laughed at in school for being the last to complete Goldeneye. Reason being, I was determined to get at least 10 headshots before completing each level. Nowadays, a certain amount of headshots is quite a common prerequisite for unlocking more points/trophies in most shooting games.
Classic FM's Hall Of Fame, the radio station's annual countdown of the 300 ‘best’ pieces in the classical canon as voted
For an open-world game with potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had more than enough to keep
If gory video games are a bit too much for you, then you'll love the sweet game modification Project P.E.W. The mod adds
The developers of Skyrim, Fallout 3 et al probably forgot to include people like me in the beta testing stage. People who decide that their character is just the sort of jerk who would take a coffee cup (or related trophy) from each of her kills.
One of the reasons why I wish I liked computer games is that I have currently lost my partner to one. Well, not lost. I know where he is. He's in his room, killing people in order to steal their souls and sell them so he can buy soft furnishings for his house.
This is no Jaberwocky, fearful gamers. This is the trailer for Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V, the game that's released on the