Children and young people's mental health is in the spotlight - a 70% increase in rates of depression and anxiety over the
This week marks an important step for I CAN. Last July, in partnership with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
So there's a strong likelihood that these unidentified children may be 'hidden' elsewhere in the DfE statistics. Children's needs are identified, but the language component is not. But are there other reasons for children with language difficulties not being spotted?
Makaton is a language programme which uses signing and symbols as a means of communication for those who cannot communicate through speech. The signs are used to support spoken language and are used in the same word order.
There is a rule in my local book group: if you can't attend the monthly meeting, you must contribute to the discussion by
I never anticipated the hurdles we would face in our bid to find a school that catered for his needs and requirements. Because he struggles to meet the required academic levels of achievement we found the choice of schools available were limited to one of two options, both of which are situated on the South Coast.
Early identification is everyone's responsibility. With the increased requirement for all school staff to identify a child who is struggling and put the support in place it is ever more important that they have the skills and knowledge they need to be able to do so.
Much more focus is needed to make sure that all children have the necessary language skills for learning. International Literacy Day marks a vital opportunity to raise awareness around the importance of language development and literacy and calls for a decisive shift towards early action and investment to help address one of the nation's most pressing challenges.
I wrote to Public Health England, urging them to consider the impact the removal of these reviews would have on children with speech, language and communication difficulties:
How would my little boy understand his world? How would he cope? Would he ever know friendship? What would the future be? How could I possibly be there with him every minute of the day and protect him from the pain of scorn and rejection.