Sleep Apnea

Changes you can make to get more sleep.
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From health conditions to lifestyle habits – the cause of chronic fatigue isn't always obvious.
If like 70% of Brits you struggle with getting eight hours of sleep per night, then you’ll be pleased to hear that scientists
As many as one in four U.S. adults between 30 and 70 suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a chronic disorder that causes
A good night's sleep is about way more than just clocking seven to nine hours in bed each night. And now, experts in sleep
Narcolepsy stops the brain from regulating the normal cycle of sleep. Most people also have cataplexy, which is triggered by strong emotions. These emotions can affect your muscles so you feel weak and tired or just collapse on the spot. That's why laughing is so dangerous. It slurs your speech too, no wonder people think you've had too much to drink.
It's estimated that we'll all spend about 26 years of our lives asleep, but did you get enough shut-eye last night? No? It might not seem like a big problem but this behavior has a major impact on our health.
Heavy snoring and sleep apnea may be linked to memory loss and cognitive decline, according to a new study. The study found