sleep patterns

Exercise can lead to more regular sleep patterns, an improved immune system, better brain function and a longer life, research
While we all enjoy basking in the sunshine during the day, we can't say we're fond of the sweaty sleepless nights that follow
New research has challenged the popular belief that early risers work better in the day and night owls work better at night
The body’s natural ‘circadian’ clock determines whether we fall victim to illness, scientists have found after discovering
Sstatistics show that 25% of the population of the UK suffer from a sleep disorder of one kind or another, resulting in them feeling tired during the daytime. Astonishingly, that's one quarter of everyone out there. Luckily though, many of these can be cured relatively easily through the right emotional and lifestyle adjustments.
I'm 38 and have lived the other side of the world, worked for News Corp, trekked round South America, yet the idea of an empty house at night makes me feel like a five-year-old who is afraid of the dark.
Some people may need more sleep than others because they carry a certain gene variant, scientists have discovered. The study
Forget the cocoa. If you're partial to a bedtime nightcap, experts believe that cherry juice is the best drink for a quality