Sleeping Beauty

As an added bonus, the side characters, both women and men, are fleshed out in ways that add to the stakes of the story. The
Remember the context here, Sleeping Beauty was released in fifties America, when sexism was rife. Prince Philip, a man, is saved by three fairies, perhaps explaining why the film was a critical and commercial failure at the time. But it's a harrowing vision of the future of feminism - a satire of the overt masculinity of the times and a homage to the people who try.
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Matthew Bourne's haunting new scenario is a gothic tale for all ages; the traditional tale of good vs. evil and rebirth is turned upside-down, creating a supernatural love story, across the decades, that even the passage of time itself cannot hinder.
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Loaded with this much creative resplendence, one would expect to sit through The Sleeping Beauty with a Cheshire Cat grin, clapping like an over-enthusiastic seal and emoting enough blindly zealous praise to rival American Idol judges.
“The director suggested I learn to meditate, which became second nature after a while. I just learned to shut off,” is how
Jane Campion (Portrait of a Lady, The Piano) has never been known to take the conventional route, so we can only guess at