What am I most worried about? Is it that I don't know the parents well enough or is it that I'm just not ready for this new found independence? The not knowing what he is up to? Am I being over-protective? Am I unwilling to set my children free a little? (yes probably all of the above)
We now have 'The Sleepover', a red letter day in any Tween or Teen's diary and an event which fills every parent with horror at the mere suggestion. If you are currently living in the land of young children or perhaps no children at all, then let me introduce you to the rules of this little phenomenon....
It was late and Lucifer would not stop his roaring - a little obnoxious - but he is the king of the zoo and clearly needs to remind everybody. He's noisy once he gets going and it was going to be hard enough getting some sleep among the giant orb spiders, cave crickets, and leaf cutting ants.