sleepy animals

Because the only thing cuter than a meerkat is a sleepy meerkat. In Dortmund Zoo. Strangely, though, his meerkat chums are
The only thing cuter than a baby warthog? A BABY WARTHOG TRYING TO STAY AWAKE, PEOPLE. (And placed near a dachshund, for
And your funny-yet-also-strangely-meditative animal video of the day is... this one! "My dog fell asleep while chewing his
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Soori. Soori - or should that be Snorey?! Geddit?! - is a meerkat who, as you can see, has a little
We think it's fair to say that the following is the order of Cute Things (with 1 being 'quite cute' and 6 being 'ohmygodthat'ssoadorableImightburst
Oh sleepy animals, how we love you. Not only are you utterly adorable, but you're also not running about, making a noise
Animals may well be the ultimate source of cuteness in the universe. Even when they're sleeping, they're adorable - in fact
Specialised sloth jackets for the twins (not post coital sloths) Cuddly toys litter the sloth sanctuary, and the critters