We warned you it was coming… but we didn’t expect it to happen this fast. After a week of blue skies and sunshine the icy
UPDATE: After A Week Of Sun The Icy Claw Of Winter Has Cruelly Returned After a week of blue skies and sunshine, Britain
The Met Office has issued a severe weather alert across large swathes of the country as snow, rain, sleet and thunder threaten
Dreaming of a white... Bonfire Night? Residents in Teesdale, County Durham were just some of those who woke up to wintery
This March is set to be the coldest in the UK since 1962, weather experts have finally confirmed. Statistics from the Met
Dear Spring, I want a refund! Not only have you failed to supply the correct type of weather standard to your time of month, but you somehow gave me that of last season! Snow!
After a few days where it seemed Spring was finally on its way, it seems like that's our lot for the foreseeable future, with
Cars make their way along snow covered roads near Scunthorpe It said a band of rain, sleet and snow was affecting western
A Chinese student at York University looks at the snow coming down in Deans Park in York "However, even when roads have been