Slender Man

Overtoun Bridge, leading to Overtoun House in Dumbarton, Scotland According to some reports, the number of hounds who have
Sketches of Slender Man were also found in the girl's bedroom Collins also testified that the girl told her she uses Vulcan
Slender Man was created in 2009 as part of an online competition calling for scary images Police detectives testified on
Sightings of the 'black-eyed child' have been reported on Cannock Chase (file picture) Brickley added: “As far as the attempted
Two girls accused of stabbing a classmate to “please” a fantasy horror character called Slenderman are mentally fit to stand
Michelle Mason took this picture of her children climbing a tree... but only noticed their ghostly companion some time later
According to some descriptions, he has between four and eight long black tentacles, which protrude from his back. He is also
A judge has released a written confession from Jake Evans in which he claims the film influenced the slaying of his mother
The internet bogey man known as Slender Man has been linked to a third violent act. On Sunday husband and wife Jerad and
Slender Man is said to stalk children Shira Chess, an assistant professor at the University of Georgia who has researched