A statue of US First Lady Melania Trump carved out of wood has been unveiled near her hometown of Sevnica in southeastern Slovenia. The sculpture was commissioned by American artist Brad Downey and carved with a chainsaw by local artist Ales Zupevc. Although the statue is not meant to bear FLOTUS' resemblance, it has nevertheless drawn comparisons to other sculptures of celebrities.
This is what needs to happen for large e-planes to take off.
As electric cars go mainstream, it’s only natural that thoughts turn to the possibilities of an electric plane. In March
I sincerely hope that, if not quashed by legal action, the Australian postal vote gives the Government a clear indication that Australians want marriage equality enacted immediately and it isn't delayed further.
Brexit negotiations will not proceed to haggling over a future UK-EU trading relationship by October as previously planned
You may have to become a seasoned hiker to really understand the addiction; but even beginners can relate to the thrill of exploring in the open air and experiencing that 'hiker's high' when you reach your final destination. If you're looking for your next trekking challenge, take a look a 6 of the best trails around the world and let them inspire you...
You know that magical moment when you've flown somewhere at night, only to open the curtains the next day and see an incredible, unexpected world outside your window. That's how my time in Slovenia began! ALMOST.
We have arrived in Ljubljana, a title that reads more like a WiFi password than a place name, after an eight hour sleep in the Belgrade hotel and a five hour sleep in the car Daniel has found it necessary to retire to his quarters for a nap and recharge for the gig.
In Postojna Cave, Slovenia, anyone can take a train and explore 5 km of underground tunnels and passages, or you can sign up for an adrenaline adventure tour and taste the real caving experience.