slow motion

The Slow Mo Guys are back with what might be their most impressive (and scariest) video yet. The two friends decided to recreate
'Jelly Tennis', it's the sport you never knew you'd love and yet you never will, because it's not actually a real sport. What
The Slow Mo Guys are back, and they're doing what they do best - recording things happening in slow motion. They rose to
They say you have to suffer for your art but even so, we can't quite comprehend how much it must have hurt to create this
Neodymium magnets are the strongest commercially available magnets in the world and are used in everything from hard drives
When the countdown for 2015 begins and the champagne is opened, the likelihood is that you'll probably just use your hands
You've seen slo-mo, but have you really seen slo-mo? Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a method
A non-Newtonian Fluid is a weird substance which is somewhere between liquid and solid and has properties of both. It's lump
Twitter is full to bursting with terrible, repetitive "picx" accounts -- but then one comes along that blows our minds, and