When you're busy looking after a new baby, it's easy to forget that you also need some looking after yourself. New mothers
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Today I met Katy Etherington from PA Pool for a friendly coffee, Skyped Alan Chaulet in Boston about his Kickstarter to get wheelchairs on aeroplanes (more to come!), and read more of my latest book (about growing tech businesses).
In the true spirit and trend of list articles, here's my top 14 technology wishes. I'm sure some solutions already exist, in which case please share any links on the comments section for everyone to see.
There seems to be such a void between politics, the media and everyday people. All I seem to read, watch and hear is immigrants and disabled people draining our society. Yet the recession, debt and issues we currently face began in financial sectors. Sectors that remain propped up by our government.
I don't really remember when I first knew that I was disabled. I've heard stories of how I didn't move like other toddlers. Then I remember being at school in my wheelchair. That first moment of knowing I was 'different' just doesn't stand out.
My biggest hope is that my personal actions, and the projects with Srin on Disability Horizons, will make a positive difference for others. I hope that disabled people will shake old stereotypes.
Can you imagine when my parents found out I had Spinal Muscular Atrophy? Especially after hearing the bollocks that the doctors (and the media) say about the condition. Forget about me never playing football, I'd apparently be lucky to do anything. My parents must have been distraught!
Whilst there is a cost to my support needs; they're a societal investment against further deterioration in my physical and mental health, and are empowering for me to get back out there and contribute to society again.
Concurrent to all of my awesome actions and adventures, I've found recently that my strength and stamina has dwindled a bit. This has pushed me into reading up more on SMA, listening to my body and recalibrating my lifestyle a little. Moreover I've had to work on not freaking out or getting down about it.