Bur there are tools that can help you survive, advises an expert.
Brexit has left businesses looking at the pound and either feeling miserable at its current state or excited by its future
Everything you need to know about managing Business Travel
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Much of our day-to-day communication with clients can be made online, but when it comes to getting the businesses in and
Small companies will get help excelling after leaving the EU
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If you run a small or medium sized enterprise (SME), then these are uncertain times. With the sterling dropping and the national
Much has been speculated about whether small and owner-managed businesses will be hard hit if the UK leaves the EU. We recently
Of the remaining £881 million of business lending in 2015, the report estimates that loans were made to over 10,000 SMEs in the UK. The top industry sectors lent to were manufacturing, engineering, transport, utilities, finance and retail.
So yes cooperation is challenging, joint decision making sometimes seems a pain. But the Britain Sir Michael and I both love has always had the confidence and courage to be outward looking, collaborative, forward thinking and a strong advocate of free trade. We will soon have the chance to prove that these great attributes remain.
This is a national day about individual businesses, each with their own particular story. It is about the diversity that exists within the small business sector, from the high tech, high growth business to the small high street retailer; from the individual tradesman to the accountant, web designer, coffee shop or restaurant.