The number of adults smoking in England has fallen below 20% for the first time in probably 80 years, researchers have said
Putting graphic warnings on the back of cigarette packs has little impact on teen smokers, according to new research. While
Electronic cigarettes are to be classed as "medicines" under new proposals to tighten up the regulation of nicotine-containing
Cigarettes and other tobacco products should be sold in plain packaging, the Scottish government has said. The pledge makes
Cigarettes giant Imperial Tobacco has reduced the value of its Spanish business by £1.2 billion writedown after austerity
So as this spectre of anti-smoking haunts our great nation, I encourage all who believe in the cause of freedom to stop this militant prohibition against those of us who enjoy our vices, and we must never been made to apologize to anyone for doing so.
If you are a smoker shopping in a UK supermarket, you may be able spot a loaf of Allinson's bread. His essays outlined the best way to achieve good health - to eat less, exercise more, cut down drink and tobacco.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A nicotine substitute which can be bought online for 12p more than triples a smoker's chances of quitting
A new US study has revealed that the risk of heart disease linked to smoking is 25% higher in women.