Britney Spears has unveiled the full length video for her single 'Ooh La La'. The brand new song is taken from the 'Smurfs
Using your smartphone while you're at any event, you're not just ruining it for others, you're ruining it for yourself. That moment where you check your email, send a text, take a photo, make a call, you're giving in to your inability to concentrate for more than a moment.
Storytelling is a fundamental part of human life. It impacts on how we view the world, and in turn, create it. I'm particularly interested in the way film, as a populist medium, can probe our minds and shape our narratives.
It is perhaps a fault of the avid gamer to be preoccupied with the future, what's next? Will it hover? But let's take a moment to look back at five of the worst games of all time.