snoopers' charter

Cassetteboy have struck again and this time their attention is on the Investigatory Powers Bill aka the Snoopers' Charter
We need to start thinking differently about the way in which we use our modern devices, or alternatively we need to redefine the concept of privacy, because when it suits our employer and government overlords, it is an entirely disregarded principle.
Something's gone wrong when a Bill is so comfortably passed because it's not in any of the members' interests to see it rejected. 281 MPs want to know who's saying what and what you're up to. And the opposition stood and watched while democracy died a little on the inside.
Big Brother Watch: surveillance Bill moving 'too fast'
The Government risks undermining civil liberties by trying to push through its ‘snoopers’ charter’ with little scrutiny from
The Government has shown “a complete disregard” for Parliament by publishing a ‘snoopers’ charter’ that gives authorities
The Government has been accused of “rushing” its proposed “snooper’s charter” amid fears it hands sweeping powers to the
12 weeks of scrutiny by the committee was intense. Now Parliament as a whole needs months of rigorous debate to make sure we strike the right balance: between providing the powers our agencies and law enforcement need to protect us; and the privacy we rightly demand.
The human rights group Liberty has called on a major redraft of the government's Investigatory Powers Bill, otherwise known