MPs are to begin an inquiry into how any possible referendum on Scottish Independence would be handled. They'll look at whether
The Herald and The Scotsman are both panicking about the SNP Government's measures to combat the twin - and related - Scottish
Political honeymoons seldom end well; that the Scottish National Party, which so successfully renewed its marriage vows with
The Purple Gang operated out of Detroit, Michigan during Prohibition, running bootleg alcohol. gangsters and outlaws We've
The Scottish Government has asked UK communications minister Ed Vaizey to back a bid to create a distinct "dotSCOT" internet
THE FUNDAMENTALS The Scotsman is in full unionist mode today - it might as well have put the Union Jack on its masthead, given
What does a Scottish journalist or commentator do when real thoughts about Scotland's exciting and demanding political scene
Middle-class Scottish school leavers face losing out on a university place to youngsters from poorer backgrounds even if
If the new Scottish Tories manage to reinvent themselves, regain the trust of the electorate and create a united centre-right party to challenge the diverse and dominant left in the country, Labour and the Liberal Democrats may feel inclined, even obligated, to follow their lead and create separate entities to competitively contest elections.
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