sober october

The health benefits of giving up alcohol aren’t to be sniffed at. These seven tips can help you stay sober after a month off the booze.
You might be feeling apprehensive about a whole month without alcohol and wondering if you have the willpower to last a full 31 days. Research shows that yes, you do - as long as you believe you do.
A glass of wine after work, beers with mates, champagne to celebrate and a shot or two on a night out - so far so normal? It's surprisingly easy to slip into a habit of drinking more than intended. Here are four more benefits that might nudge you to make the decision to Go Sober for October...
It wasn't just because the hangovers were getting worse (or longer). Anyone who's ever sworn themselves off hooch whilst in the midst of fighting The Fear knows full well that the after-effects of a booze-filled night are no deterrent to quitting for good.