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What we are witnessing is vast becoming an epidemic. The cost of youth loneliness is up to £34 billion in London alone and in addition the past few years has seen a significant rise in the number of young people seeking counselling for emotional and mental distress, which has been linked back to loneliness.
The Destitution Report is an important step towards understanding the severe impact of poverty in the UK, but we could do much more to identify the scale of the problem and to progress in tackling it.
Our worry is that millions of young people will miss this opportunity to make a difference to their own lives and the lives of others. What is more, there is a risk that because of the new individual registration process, they could fall off - or never even get on - the electoral register. We know that private renters, students and young people are most at risk of losing their vote.
This week's report published by the Alzheimer's Society has highlighted the growing number of people living with dementia and the impact of dementia on their lives and the lives of their families.
A care home in the future might be much smaller than many of our large institutions. It might be much more flexible in terms of living space, both personal and communal, and it will be well designed. The focus will be on companionship as well as care. And it won't be hidden away.
Parts of Wales and the North East of England are poorer than regions in Romania, Poland and Slovakia, according to statistics