social capital

Genuine cross cultural, diaspora partnerships, give back to both donors and recipients, who realise that cultural contacts alter fundamentally the way in which they interact, giving them the power and strength to work cooperatively.
The £1.2 trillion question is this. What will it take for older people to release their housing equity in order to plan for care? For me the answer lies in changing the conversation about planning for later life and providing an environment where the focus is on relationships and contribution.
In the early 2000s something called 'social media' appeared, a new type of social lubricant for the 21st century that transformed the way society used its free time. For the first time in history people started watching less TV than their elders, turning away from passive consumption and towards active participation
Peter Amores is changing the world. Not your world, but the world of young people in Tondo, Manila, one of the Philippines
The Schumacher Institute completed a pilot of its SocialCapitalist project in Spring 2012. The SocialCapitalist project is based on the idea that during an economic downturn it is not just financial capital that is destroyed.
This week in Egypt, in a joint statement medics and human rights organisations condemned the actions of the Freedom and Justice Party -the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in raising a convoy providing mobile female genital mutilation services and vaginal inspections.
The Government's interest in our well-being with its introduction of a happiness index is a welcome development. But isn't it just common sense? If we help people to build positive connections and to flourish in their relationships then our society will be much better off emotionally, physically and, I dare say, financially.