social cohesion

'As young people we have the responsibility to ensure that we consistently fight all the societal ills that we face.'
"And here, in 2018, lies the gravest obstacle to progress. The statistics make harrowing reading."
The nation-building project and the idea of a developmental state cannot succeed when the nation itself becomes and remains fractured.
diversify The messages from Diversify are indeed themselves diverse. When we glumly read that Trump is heading for a safe bet second term, when we despair of the ever unravelling havoc that Brexit will wreak over us, we desperately need a new vision and way of conducting our affairs and so the timing for a refreshed advocacy of the benefits of integration could not be more timely.
As our social media networks grow ever larger, so has loneliness here in the UK. Recent surveys have found as many as three quarters of older people feel lonely and seven out of ten youngsters feel the same way too. In a world where we can be instantly connected with people living on the other side of the globe, we have lost touch with those immediately around us. It's why Nextdoor, the social network for neighbourhoods, is teaming up with Neighbourhood Watch and social cohesion charity The Challenge to launch the Nextdoor Neighbour Pledge.
Describing an area as a ghetto is also dehumanising, for it allows those in positions of authority to overlook individuals and simply create boxes within which to put communities in. If we wish to create a cohesive society, one in which all are valued, it's about time the negative labelling of areas stopped.
In South Africa, aspiration to whiteness lives in most of the words, terms and phrases we use to describe someone or something we view far senior to us.
As Iraqi forces take parts of Mosul from the brutal regime of Daesh. We are seeing the clean-up operation is being started by volunteers of different faiths who are coming together to rebuild their community.
Integration is 'not a two way street' were the words of Dame Louise Casey earlier in the week as she provided follow up evidence to the House of Commons communities committee following the publication of her report on segregation and immigration into the UK.
In South Africa, we live separately to the larger degree. Yet our roots are entwined.