social finance

I'm not for a moment saying we shouldn't think and plan and act at our absolute best. But there is little point in our existence unless we can achieve change for people we are here for. The biggest risk of all is failing the people who need us. Let's urge charities on, let's give them the room to breathe, and our support to take courage.
Nigel is a veteran and pioneer of social enterprise and social finance; in fact, he was working in these spaces well before they even had names. He is the Chairman of The Big Issue, a social enterprise founded in 1991 enabling homeless individuals in the UK to earn a living, and the CEO of Big Issue Invest, a social investment business founded in 2005 that provides finance to social enterprises.
As a concept, social investment can be hard to get your head around. For the UK Government however it has quickly become a credible and important way of helping charities and social enterprises increase their impact in communities, helping them to grow and support more people in need. The concept is simple.
In a climate of heightened regulation and the government's deleveraging of balance sheets, there could be an opportunity to reshape how the world of finance works. Could social finance fill that gap?
All of the social and charity can benefit from investment - it just has to be the right type of investment for each organisation.
David Cameron’s Big Society Bank was launched on Friday with £600m to invest in charities and social enterprises. Now named