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The disturbing viral video of a man harassing a woman in front of small children should have made every man mad as hell and utterly ashamed.
Members of Solomon Islands YWCA march during International Women's Day in Honiara by DFAT/Credit:Jeremy Miller Solomon Islands
Recently an article was published detailing how nearly half of females in my university's city has been sexually assaulted. Scarily, this didn't even surprise me.
It's international Youth Day on Wednesday, prompting hundreds of thousands of young people to celebrate the work they are
You know how renting your home can be soul-crushingly awful? Like when you complain to your landlord that your home is actually uninhabitable and the council agrees and instead of fixing the problem the landlord revenge evicts you?
Dealing with the fallout from social problems affecting young people costs the taxpayer almost £17 billion a year, according
Rather than worry about why education is "languishing" as a lesser order issue, perhaps we should see it as a sign of relative success. When we at Ipsos MORI analyse public opinion, we frequently conclude that Britain is better than it perhaps thinks it is. And, judging by what the experts are saying about teaching and what the students are telling us about their hopes and motivations, education may well fall into that category.
I'm sorry that when the DOCS ladies dropped us off at Grandma's, you weren't allowed to stay because you were too much for her to cope with. I can't imagine how awful it must have been to watch your sisters get smaller and smaller in the distance as you were driven away in a car you didn't recognise.
I look healthy. Healthy enough, anyway. And that's just great, but here's the thing. For the better part, my outward appearance comes with a sense of 'got away with it', and how very empowering that can feel. But the physical disabilities lurking beneath the scars and lumps are never far from the surface...
People don't mean any genuine harm, on anyone I would have to believe, but like mine, many working class families read The Sun newspaper and early on adopt a belief that all Muslims bomb people, that the country is overran with immigrants and that people on benefits are lazy *****.