Social Media Networks

Your excuses are excuses. Every time I talk about quitting social media everyone tells me why they want to but cannot. Most people don't take advice, no matter how good it is. Don't be like most people.
Is Facebook as annoying as your 200th-best friend? Is Twitter just for angry old people and online harassment? Here's six alternatives that each, in their own way, take new approaches to social media, including some that don't seem like social media at all (but they are).
Do we now think of news to back up our own beliefs? To me standing with France does not mean overlooking any prolonging of sufferings in war zone and non-war zones, but the mourning of victims everywhere. Ma solidarité la plus profonde avec les victimes. Toutes les victimes all over the world. Viva Peace!
While there is no secret formula to creating engaging social media content, the best examples of content have two things in common: the content is original and it has been distributed in the right way to the right people.
Twitter has always embraced freedom of speech. That's what makes it a compelling second screen. It has been a platform of dissenting and diverse opinions from the get-go. But this week we saw a new precedent being set when Twitter itself blocked a neo-Nazi Twitter account in Germany.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows this little secret. Many people find networking events intimidating, especially those who, like me, have built a career online, protected by the web. But many savour every single event on their social calendar, load up their weapons, and get ready to stalk their prey.
Remember what your mother used to tell you about not speaking to strangers? Well in this technology-enhanced aged this sentiment also applies to your social media accounts.
The ability to change and roll with new developments has become the most pivotal aspect in our modern lives. Social media isn't only changing our working lives either - it's a pressure cooker for our personal lives that requires a constant maintenance and ironing out of bumps in the night.
If you don't have a website, a blog, Facebook (personal and company page of course), Twitter account, a running LinkedIn profile, updated Gorkana listing, Polyvore, Pinterest, A Small World, an Android AND iPhone (one for function and one for peer recognition), oh and Foursquare - we simply become irrelevant if we aren't in the 'scene' of a young and highly competitive environment.
Over the past 30 years communication between brands and customers has changed dramatically. From direct sales to social media