Social Media

If individuals can find out what's happening through social networks, why can't the authorities in the same time? Banning mainstream social networking sites will push such communications underground, into one or many of a stream of less well-known sites.
There seems to be a fear in this country of the unseen. In an increasingly public world where Twitter updates are retweeted to thousands and Facebook statuses copied across the Internet, the issue of privacy has become one of 'if you have nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear'.
NECK sticking out time, but I shall be 61 next week and don't give a damn if nobody reading this doesn't agree with one single
Cameron is right in that these people should be stopped, but that should not involve banning people from using the internet or social media. What you can do is punish them if they do use it to incite violence.
If you ever wanted to know what a real zombie outbreak would look like, you only had to tune into Sky News on Monday night.
Perhaps I sound like a Luddite, or possibly as a middle-aged man my values are distinctly pre-digital. Perhaps I just don't get the whole social media thing, which is moving so fast that old-fashioned values and morality are no longer relevant.
For those old enough to remember, the violence of the past few days in London has been uncomfortably reminiscent of the inner
The power of social media once again shows how riots are being organised online with total disregard to public safety and property. At what point do you cross the line with social media.
In the first couple of days of what started as the London riots, and quickly turned into the UK riots, social media took
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Two teenagers are due to appear in court in connection with messages posted on Facebook allegedly encouraging