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The senator then urged the Facebook CEO to “go back home and rewrite it.”
The underlying fact is that our attention has become a commodity that can be manipulated to increase profit. And secondly that the attention industry poses a mortal threat to human happiness and flourishing.
As far as I can see, your ability to write, articulate, heal or lead is not inherently linked to your parents' wealth. It is our society which makes it so.
About a year ago, I began researching an idea for a new business. I had an inkling that our affair with social media was going through a rocky patch, and so I sat down in a Borough Market coffee house with a group of young people and asked them about their own social networking habits.
If they truly want to stay relevant and prevent a mass exodus, they need to go a different way. And that's not by doing what everyone else is doing - copying Snapchat - it's by looking to the past and stealing from the future.
Google+ is not dead. But it’s mutating. The search giant has announced that it will break its social network service into
The so-called 'anti-Facebook- was quite the hit way back in September 2014. But since those heady days, in which it expanded
I have a dramatic and perhaps outrageous prediction: the end of Facebook is looming. Perhaps not this month, or next, but it's coming. And when the fall does come it will be swift, and it will be brutal.
'Ello' has all the makings of a tech hype bubble: a new social network pitched as the "anti-Facebook", rich in design but
Tweets from accounts that you do not follow will now appear in your Twitter timeline, the social network has confirmed. The