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Social platforms which felt they could maintain their status as 'just a platform' and avoid the implications of bearing publishing responsibility are also realising that this is untenable. What follows will reshape journalism more profoundly than we once could have imagined. This might be good news for consumers, but in terms of civic and democratic health, the jury is still out.
The iPhone 6 was announced on Tuesday, absorbed on Wednesday and it's available to pre-order on Friday. But even though it's
The US government "blew it" in the row over "spying" on users of social media, Facebook founder and chief executive Mark
Facebook has admitted accidentally leaking more than six million email addresses and phone numbers. The social network said
For anyone on the East Coast, or with loved ones there, social media and our hyper-fast online press made Sandy felt like a shared event, characterised by messages of support and offers of showers on Facebook, and exchanging information with strangers on Twitter. Social media is still young: perhaps this is a taste of how it will bring all of us closer to major events - good and bad - in the future.
How do posts go viral on Facebook? It's a question asked (and dubiously answered) by a thousand social media 'gurus' on Twitter
Hotmail might be dead - but another classic web icon has suddenly sprung back to life. After being purchased for a pitiful
"We want Zynga to equal 'play', just like Google equals search and Amazon equals shop," Zynga's CTO Cadir Lee tells the Huffington
The social news website and community Reddit has been forced to ban sexually suggestive images of children, after its longstanding