soft power

Perhaps the artist in me should be happy to believe that art has the power to change how people feel, think and behave - to accept that 'something good' happens, and leave it there. But the analyst in me is not. And besides, if we can evidence what so many of us believe instinctively to be true - that art can build bridges and promote understanding between nations - this might be a very good moment to understand more about the how and the why
The repercussions of Brexit have been measured almost exclusively in economic and political terms. Very little has been said about the impact on the country's reputation, particularly among young people in Europe and further afield.
On 9 October the Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency in the face of widespread protests across the country
Anyone else a bit fed up of emails telling you which bath products, flowers and chocolates to get your Mum for Mothers' Day? I mean, I can always do with a box of chocs, and so can my Mum, but this commercial onslaught is relentless. Before all the commerciality came, there was Mothering Sunday,* an early religious festival, but frankly that doesn't resonate with me either...
As part of his early turn as Father Christmas, Chancellor George Osborne allocated £289million to the World Service over the next five years to pay for new services to places like North Korea and Eritrea.
Is the UK really abdicating from its role as an influential power in the world, as many of our friends and allies fear? And does a diminution in our global role make sense? These were the questions a group of foreign and security policy experts set out to answer over the summer.
Let's be frank. I will not deny that I've been fervently following the same Japanese anime series for 10 years: "Detective
After the eruption of a street revolution in late 2013 that saw civilians dodging Molotov cocktails, burning barricades and government snipers, it might be a surprise to learn that young Ukrainians feel surprisingly optimistic about the future of their country. And in the last 18 months or so, life has changed a great deal in Ukraine.
Creating strong identities for regions through outstanding tourism experiences can deliver a lot more than more visitors. A strong identity can provide soft power support for regions in their struggle for self-determination by building strong local economies.
Almost a century ago, a dark and skinny girl of illegitimate birth dreamed about becoming an actress in her country's capital, Buenos Aires. Her name was María Eva Duarte (later "Eva Perón"). Not only did Eva Perón realize this childhood dream by achieving nationwide fame as a successful actress in her early youth, she also dramatically turned into a major player on the world's stage as the First Lady of Argentina.