Solomon Islands

Members of Solomon Islands YWCA march during International Women's Day in Honiara by DFAT/Credit:Jeremy Miller Solomon Islands
The story of two teenage girls raped and murdered in India this spring while looking for a discreet place to relieve themselves outdoors made headlines around the world. Sadly, their situation is far from unique. Half a billion women and girls - 15% of females worldwide - are forced to do this every day simply because they do not have access to a toilet. This crisis risks women's health, and threatens their safety. The new Indian government was moved to act following the tragedy of the two Dalit girls in Uttar Pradesh, pledging zero tolerance for acts of violence against women. Their statement is welcome. However, protecting women from harassment and attack will not happen overnight.
At least four people are dead after an major earthquake in the South Pacific ocean shook the Solomon Islands, triggering
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