Somizi Mhlongo

He spoke about his friendship with TT Mbha, who didn't feature prominently in the show.
While most of us shiver in SA, celebs are making us jealous on social media with their balmy tropical snaps...
A dating dictionary for millennials, Somizi's getting sued for R5-million and political killings are in the spotlight — here are 7 articles you shouldn't miss.
His manager has denied any knowledge of a claim against the presenter for allegedly made-up sexual exploits in his autobiography.
She could possibly lay a counter charge, but even then, it's not a clear-cut case.
She has apologised for the tweet, and claimed her account was hacked.
The Samas will be broadcast live on SABC 1 from 8pm on June 2.
Meet the not-so-flamboyant, not-so-in-your-face, serious and chilled Somizi talking about his property investments and saving money
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