Supersonic passenger travel could make a comeback by the mid-2020s if companies can make jets quiet and efficient enough to win over buyers and fliers.
'Mario & Sonic: Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games' is out for Wii U on 8 November. Key Features: Lots of Nintendo and Sega
Grand Theft Auto 5 launches in but a few days offering everything from a game of golf to deep see exploration with a lot of killing in-between. This reviewer also suspects a few casual nods will be given to that TV phenomena Breaking Bad, and I for one can't wait to run my own meth lab... Again.
What if Sonic The Hedgehog was a 3D, first-person modern video game - instead of the retro 2D platformer you know and love
Depending on how wedded to retro video games you are, Sonic The Hedghog has had a pretty rough time of late - arguably since
The track selection is a lot of fun - my particular favourite is Carrier Zone which is based on the classic arcade game of my youth, Afterburner. You get to drive a car and fly - what more can you ask for?
Hundreds of gamers are said to have dressed up as video game icons including Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, to celebrate 'Dress