South Atlantic

The legacy of the referendum will be much more difficult to predict than the voting itself. For the Falkland Islanders, they have both reaffirmed the status quo but also prepared the ground for possible future referenda, which might one day include independence as an option.
There are reports of a lot of ice around Cape Horn area so naturally I am also a little apprehensive about that, but the race committee provide us with positions of all icebergs within the area on a daily bases, so with this information I should be able to navigate my way past the Horn safely and back into the south Atlantic.
As anticipated the change in the positions has come this morning as those boats which were further West picked up the weather front and increased their speeds to the East. I'm keeping up now, averaging around 20 knots and have come out pretty much where I expected.
On 10 November I embarked on one of the most gruelling sporting challenges in the world today - the solo round-the-world race, the Vendée Globe. The race has always been won by a Frenchman, but this year I hope to become the first Briton to win on board the 60ft monochrome yacht; HUGO BOSS.
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