South Sudan independence

Our glaring failures of self-governance must not be a pretext to force through a UN backed intervention brigade in South Sudan. An intervention force with a mandate to disarm our national army and takeover important installations will create a "Somalia" in the Republic of South Sudan.
Machar is insinuating there could be a third party involved. Should we therefore believe Riek Machar's claims? And if so, who could this be? Could it be an internal or external force? Or is this just an attempt by both leaders to extricate themselves from blame for this recent violence?
Juba began to emulate its neighbor, Kenya, where electioneering is a daily norm. The camp under Riek Machar had the sympathies of millions who longed for a progressive change.
I approached Juba with trepidation. In the few years since I last came it has become the capital of the world's youngest country and everyone that visits keeps telling me how quickly it is changing.It was also the city chosen by the African Union to commemorate World AIDS Day earlier this month.
In the last year, over 20,000 people have arrived in Aweil North, near Sudan, to escape violence in the disputed border region and beyond. Most are living in remote camps spread across the isolated region, struggling to survive and virtually cut off from aid.
There are two ways in which a tethered domesticated bull can untangle itself: either its shepherd unties it or it muscles its way out of a leash. The world's newest nation is a captive bull that everybody agrees must escape bondage but disagrees on the optimal approach.
Imagine a child, born, eyeless; earless and mouth-less. Imagine if the baby was a country, so precious, so new, and millions of its people died for its birth. Welcome to South Sudan, a country where freedom fever is frying as an idea at the core of its founding, freedom of speech, comes under fire.
A removal of an elected governor in a presidential decree has rekindled a long forgotten fight over a contested clause in South Sudan's current interim constitution.
This war could have been avoided had the international community and the sponsors of the CPA, including the UK, looked for real, comprehensive solutions - not an easy way out of war. Instead, the CPA divided the country instead of equally distributing power and resources.
Children have lost their families and have been displaced and exploited as soldiers. They've lost their hopes for a better future. Women were raped and tortured and saw their own children and husbands slaughtered. People were starved to death while escaping war. A whole nation has been deformed by the sins of war.