South Sudan independence

The world's newest nation has lived to see its first birthday! This is a big deal for a country that was written-off at birth by analysts and observers, just a year ago.
I choose peace in the Nuba Mountains because I don't want to see families living in caves; I want Nubas to live in dignified conditions. And because I choose peace, I choose to revolt. I choose to join thousands of protestors demanding change in Sudan because only regime-change will bring peace to Sudan.
We - Sudan and South Sudan - shall remember that we've both suffered oppression and lived through woes, and that we are the survivors of the longest war in Africa. I see our separation as an opportunity for the new South Sudanese generations to determine their own destiny without being pulled back by war and chains of extremist dictatorships
Despite a year of challenges and conflict, I am optimistic that the youth will lead the way to a better future for both of the Sudans.
Let's hope the leaders of newly independent South Sudan take a look at nearby Eritrea, the last African state to be born. There are some striking parallels.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- South Sudan has raised the flag of its new nation for the first time, as thousands of South Sudanese