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Theresa May 'just does not like people', says Lib Dem leader.
Tim Farron missed the exact moment Theresa May sprung her surprise general election - because he was in the air, flying to
We both have different backgrounds and different experiences that led us to choose public service, but one of the fundamental things we share is a love of our country and a determination to do what we believe is best for our constituents. In short we share a deep sense of patriotism.
In 2011 I was dispatched from Exeter to my new beat on the staggeringly beautiful Isles of Scilly, where several decades previously a journalist coined the phrase "The Land that Crime Forgot". The wretched strap line got cut and paste into every brochure, features piece and blog about the islands.
'This is what Islamophobia got this country into.'
A university student says he was unfairly removed from a flight because a fellow passenger was alarmed by an innocent conversation
UPDATE 17/03/2015: This article has been expanded to include the full statement from South West. Commuters on a South West
Today sees housing campaigners flocking to Land's End to unveil 'Betsy' the Homes for Britain Routemaster bus. Over the coming month she will be travelling the South of England raising awareness of the Homes for Britain campaign and calling for action to end the housing crisis within a generation.
After spending 18 years exploring various dimensions of sustainable development, and its less specific cousin sustainability I adhere to the old adage - the more you know the less you understand...
A row has ignited over a council's part in a so-called "lie detector" test to assess the authenticity of some benefits claimers