Southampton F.C.

Lucy's body was found near Southampton Sports Centre on July 26.
This makes me wonder how many clubs have, at some point in their long histories, savoured a brief time at the top of the league. A moment forgotten by just about everyone except the fans who'd been there.
In my view now is the time to find a solution to help get these decisions right. Elevating pressure of the match officials, who remember currently have to make a decision after seeing an incident just once. So what's the likely hood of us seeing this in the not to distant future? Well the Football Association are currently in advanced talks to consider use video technology in some way, and have highlighted next seasons FA Cup as a potential competition to trial a video referee system.
Disabled supporters have an absolute right to expect the same enjoyable, socially inclusive experience as every other fan and football clubs have a moral and legal obligation to provide this. The clock is ticking.
If there were concerns that the severity of his injury and length of lay-off would have blighted him, think again. Rodriguez has actually come back faster, putting him in the very highest bracket of speedsters in the Premier League.
A lot of coaches get undue credit for being good man-managers - just look at Brendan "got the most out of Luis Suarez for one good season but drove out Steven Gerrard and probably Raheem Sterling" Rodgers - but Koeman is a hell of a man-manager.
As a long-standing Spurs sympathiser, it's faintly disappointing to see them slide their way back out of the top six, but it's hard to seriously argue that it's not deserved.
A Dickensian looking Dani Osvaldo arrived in Turin this morning to finalise his hasty loan move to Italian giants Juventus