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It is fascinating to read about the detailed psychology behind male connections within our modern society and I cannot recommend reading Dr Cruz's article enough - I thought it might be of benefit to the Huffington Post's readers and my fellow university students to get another angle, another viewpoint...
A university is offering a mind-bogglingly generous refund on tuition fees for any student who coughed up their tuition fees
A depressed student who was found hanged in her bedroom turned to social workers for help but was dismissed as "a f***ing
Last week we published an ingenious prank played by Southampton student Andy Ram on his course mate George Bailey, involving
There are pranks, then there are pranks. Then there's this prank. Evidently not one to fool around, Southampton economics
From stealing hamsters and pooing on Aston Martins, to porn-mad lecturers and solving Rubix cubes, this week's round-up of
A revolutionary instant blood-testing device announced recently by British scientists could save countless lives by speeding up medical treatment. The supersmart mini-lab runs several tests at once from the same sample and gives readings identifying diseases in minutes.
Two medical students who were caught on CCTV performing a sex act at a hospital prompted a senior university academic to