Sean Harris, who portrayal of 'Southcliffe's spree killer Stephen Norton has drawn plaudits in Channel 4's recent harrowing
It is rare to watch a TV show in 2013 and realise, within about 15 minutes, that it might be one of the best British dramas of all time. But Channel 4's Southcliffe, which finished on Sunday, is something really rather special.
It's one year on in Southcliffe, with each of the residents making their own journey - forwards or backwards - after the
Episode 3 of 'Southcliffe' found the town's residents reeling from the consequences of Stephen Norton's random acts, in different
Rory Kinnear, who stars in drama ‘Southcliffe’, currently disturbing and chilling its viewers on Channel 4, tells HuffPostUK
Episode 2 of 'Southcliffe' took us further into the lives of the residents of this ravaged community, which it transpired
If 'Broadchurch' offered us a contemporary variation on Who Dunnit?, and 'The Fall' gave us the horrors of 'Watch Him Do
Southcliffe is a fictional market town inhabited by fictional characters, but with similarities to many people and places in Britain today. To outsiders Southcliffe is doomed to be linked with banal violence forever. But we are allowed into the lives of those living there and glimpse a more complex and human reality.
The success of 'Broadchurch' and 'The Fall' has proved that British viewers have an appetite for a TV crime drama that leaves